About CWAG

About CWAG

Welcome to the Councils with ALMOs website.

Councils with ALMOs Group (CWAG) is the representative body of stock owning local authorities whose stock is managed by ALMOs.


CWAG began as an informal grouping of council officers meeting to share good practice and provide mutual support in the early days of the establishment of the ALMO model. In 2007 the group moved to formalise its structure and role becoming a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Local Government Association. Since then the group has been working to ensure that the interests of councils with ALMOs are fully recognised in wider policy proposals and debates.


A key role of CWAG is to ensure that the specific interests of councils as owners and landlords are represented. The Group also has an important role in terms of providing access to practical support, training and networking. From the outset, the group has retained a non- political stance, focussing on practical support to council officers on operational and policy issues.


There is no direct member involvement in the group.


The group is managed via an elected Executive Group and there is a part-time policy officer in post.


Current Executive Group members are:


Chair - Anna Milner (South Tyneside Council)

Executive Member - Geoff Beales (Colchester BC)

Executive Member - Fiona Dodsworth (Newcastle City Council)

Executive Member – Joy Ashman (Cornwall Council)

Executive Member - Tim Holland (Southend-on-Sea BC)


Our key objectives are:

  • To be the representative body on behalf of stock owning authorities where housing stock is managed by ALMOs and to act as a forum to provide mutual support to those authorities
  • To have an active role in influencing the national policy agenda, particularly in respect of ALMOs
  • As a Special Interest Group of the Local Government Association (LGA) we aim to inform and influence LGA policy and activity on housing so it reflects the needs and concerns of Councils with ALMOs
  • To facilitate information sharing and promote best practice amongst local authorities whose stock is managed by ALMOs
  • To promote the ALMO model and develop positive partnerships with ALMOs and the National Federation of ALMOs to ensure best outcome for tenants/leaseholders

CWAG Members

You can view a list of our members: here

Benefits of Membership

There is an annual programme of meetings, seminars and workshops which is free to CWAG members.Topics covered include both housing policy and practical operational issues around ALMOs and developments in the ALMO sector.
Advice and Support
CWAG is a mutual support group with members providing advice and support to each other on an informal basis. In addition there are opportunities for networking and to develop good practice guidance in areas of shared interest. 
Housing Policy
As a Special Interest Group, CWAG has access to the LGA and MHCLG and the opportunity to participate in and influence current policy debates. 
Working with others - policy development and good practice
CWAG works together with a number of other housing organisations including the National Federation of ALMOs (NFA) and the Association of Retained Council Housing (ARCH) on projects and issues where there are shared interests. Working in partnership brings benefits and enhanced impact. 

How to Join

Membership is open to all councils with ALMOs. The joining fee and annual subscription are calculated on the basis of the size of an Authority’s stock holding.


For more information contact Alison Freeman - CWAG Policy Officer