Latest Guidance Updates Covid 19

Latest Guidance Updates Covid 19

Latest from MHCLG

Guidance on re-opening council buildings and other community facilities - 6th July 2020


Comprehensive new funding package for councils to help address coronavirus pressures and cover lost income during the pandemic - 2nd July 2020

The announcement amounting to a further £500m for councils to help ensure financial sustainability does not include HRA deficits.


Extension of the evictions ban by a further 2 months announced – 5th June 2020

No possession claims will be heard or progressed by the courts before 24 August 2020.The legislation, which requires landlords to give at least three months’ notice to evict tenants also remains in place and will last until 30 September 2020. 


Updates to the landlord and tenant guidance, guidance to local authorities on enforcement action and technical guidance on evictions. Published 1st June 2020


Housing Minister's letter to social housing residents published 18th May

The Housing Minister has written to social housing residents to update them on the steps being taken to support them during the plan to reopen society. LAs and ALMOs have been asked to circulate to their tenants and publicise widely.


Working Safely during coronavirus (Covid19) published 11th May 2020 

New guidance on working safely including on construction sites and other outdoor work as well as working in people’s homes

Social Distancing in the workplace during coronavirus (Covid19):sector guidance updated 4th May 2020

Updated guidance on social distancing for employees in a number of sectors including tradespeople working in peoples’ homes.


Guidance for Social Landlords on Essential Moves published 27th April

The guidance makes clear that essential moves should continue during the pandemic, where this can be done in line with social distancing guidance.


Safe Working Practices on Construction sites published 14th April

Latest version of advice from the Construction Leadership Council, on measures to ensure safe working practices on construction sites published 14th April

HSE guidance on lift maintenance

Late last week the Health and Safety Executive published guidance on testing equipment:  and


Updated Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment published 12th April


Social distancing guidance for employers published 7th April.

Practical advice tailored to various work scenarios. Although not meant to be comprehensive, it includes specific practical guidance for tradespeople working in homes, construction, and outdoor businesses.


Updated  guidance for employers and businesses on coronavirus published 7th April


Gas safety checks - recognising the concern among social landlords, residents and inspectors, HSE published further guidance on 7th April

 General advice and advice for vulnerable and shielded residents is available here: 

Advice for landlords is available here:  


Latest from the RSH

April 2020 survey data published 7th May 2020

Coronavirus operational response survey results – April 2020 data 


Update 17 April 2020 including:

·         Coronavirus Operational Response Survey

·         Meeting local housing needs

·         Gas safety advice for landlords

·         Updated guidance on lifts and PPE